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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] shizumaki at My KAT-TUN 2012 Concert Tour Challenge
To celebrate the much and long awaited concert tour of KAT-TUN, I am gonna start this challenge. It's called 10 Day KAT-TUN CHAIN Challenge. 10 days before their 1st concert tour date which is February 11. February 11. I can't believe it! After a year,months,days and hours of waiting, it's gonna be here soon! :D

So,here's the thing. 10 Day challenge will start today. Each day is assigned with a KAT-TUN theme. 


There you go,Belle. A challenge to yourself..let's see if you can take this on! :P Anyone who wants to be in the same boat with me,just hop in.. :)


Day 1 - The song that made you a Hyphen

Day 2 - Your ultimate favorite KAT-TUN song
Day 3 - A Nostalgic KAT-TUN song
Day 4 - The song that takes away your sadness
Day 5 - The song that gives you encouragement
Day 6 - Fave Kazuya Kamenashi solo
Day 7 - Fave Taguchi Junnosuke solo
Day 8 - Fave Tanaka Koki solo
Day 9 - Fave Ueda Tatsuya solo
Day 10 - Fave Nakamaru Yuichi solo





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