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Subaru Shibutani (Kanjani8)
Kazuya Kamenashi (KAT-TUN)
Shigeaki Kato (NEWS)

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Hello everyone~ catface
You're doing rather well I hope~ ^_^
I've re-installed my jweb emoticons~ :DD

For those of you who are interested in using them yourselves:
1) Download and install greasemonkey on either firefox or chrome
2) After you have it installed, click this:

Once you're done you have emoji that you can drag and drop (or click) into your entries~~ thumbsup

You never know just how much you'd miss running water until you don't have it... ._.;;
Talk about bad luck, first the furnace had to be replaced (So about $3,000), AT&T turns on the wrong phone line (Making me think we have to pay ~$200 for a new line), then the main water line breaks and has to be replaced... That'll be ~$1,000? teardrop
It'll be about another week until they can get out to replace my water line. DD:
Good thing we still have the water turned on at the other house (Just across the street). wink
I moved first, so I can watch the house. Simply because this is a high crime rate area. drip
So, I'm pretty much here by myself most of the time. It's quite peaceful really. melody2

This is my only company:
(Believe it or not the bigger dog just turned 3 months old March 29th :D)

I updated JPop News & Graphics yesterday with the weekly schedule~ catface

NEWS, Kanjani8, & KAT-TUN Schedule (4/4 – 4/10)

Today I will leave you with:
(Princess smelling flowers)

(And Princess playing fetch... I was most certainly not watching the making thing of パンぱんだ while we were playing~)
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( Mar. 29th, 2012 08:57 pm)
I feel like screaming. For starters, something is wrong with my telephone line, so no home phone/no internet until at least Monday. Then the main water pipe to my house has burst. Over 4000 gallons of water since Monday. And now this morning Princess got her eyelid stuck on the part of the kennel door that keeps it shut. You know, the the metal bar that sticks straight up that you have to pull down to shut it? Now her eyelid is swollen. I'll probably finish the scanslation over the weekend, it's over half done. NEWS and Kanjani8 banners/facebook headers will probably be posted shortly after my connection is restored. Any requests? comment or pm me~ I think I managed to add everyone who added me. Typing like this on my phone sucks. XD

Posted via

Alright... Let's see...

I'm a new admin on NEWS USA fan base 
-The Facebook Page:

Oh! And I will be using some of the translations by Spilledmilk25 to do some NEWS scanslations~
Here's the first one:

WinkUp 4.2012 - Koyama's special interview
Credit: spilledmilk25
(Not sure if too many people are interested in this type of thing.)

I am currently working on "Popolo 05.2012 - NEWS Tabloid" 

Off topic... I really love Subaru's voice in "Water Drop" (Not that I don't love his voice everywhere else...)

Now on to some boring stuff~

My mom walked into the living room earlier today and said, "Your moving tomorrow." 
Yea... I wasn't supposed to be moving for at least 2 weeks... Nothing like trying to move everything in one ~ two days XD

My internet *should* be switched off tomorrow night after midnight and if everything works out alright I will have it turned on at the new place. However, they will be cutting my connection in half because they "are phasing out DSL"... and I probably won't have U-Verse here until summer...  I will still have my cellphone, so if you send me a message on twitter, I should get it ^_^

I think that's it for now~ Have a wonderful day guys~~~ ^_^

I leave you with Polly eating sunflower seeds with the other birds failing at singing along with Kanjani8's "Musekinin Hero"  XD

[42] Icons
[18] Wallpapers


18 Wallpapers )


42 Icons )

All graphics will also be posted here @ JPop News & Graphics
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( Mar. 23rd, 2012 06:48 pm)
Today started with Princess waking me up at 5:30am to play... We played fetch for about an hour. Then, Shade decided he needed to go out for a walk. That would have been fine, but, I forgot to check the weather before we went out... It was raining AND IT WAS COLD! XD I've never seen that boy run so fast~ =^_^=

They finished installing the furnace today at ~noon.
(They called yesterday and told us they would be there by 8am and be done by 9am. They didn't even get there until 9:30am. -_-;)

While I waited, I watched the Eight X Eighter DVD. It was actually the first time I had ever seen one of their concerts. パンぱんだ had been stuck in my head for 3 days already... For the second or third time... Now I know the dance that goes along with it~ All I need is a panda hat and gloves~ ^_^

I think I've lost my mind... Wait, you can't lose something you never had to begin with right? XD

Then, the sirens started going off. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate tornadoes? I hate them a lot. I ended up sitting in the basement for more than an hour (With Princess, Shade, Molly, my brother, and my mother.) All the while パンぱんだ playing over and over in my head. 

I think I might have to turn everything off again... Maybe these storms will break up before they get here? >.<; At least I don't think it's anything severe this time.
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( Mar. 23rd, 2012 06:09 pm)
Most, if not all, of the icons are from disc one of the Eight X Eighter DVD. This was actually the first time I've watched one of their concerts. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. ^_^

Icons [~53]

~53 Icons )

Wallpapers [~11]

11 Wallpapers )

All graphics will also be posted here @ JPop News & Graphics

Kanjani8 Graphics
KAT-TUN Graphics
NEWS Graphics
Solo Artist Graphics ( *, )

*This symbol marks an artist I will more than likely not make graphics of anymore, unless requested.

You may make requests here.

Even though, HoneyVanitySubs is no more, I will be releasing the subbed audio for all of the songs on "BIRTH" and on "CHAIN". At the moment I have no idea when it will be done, but I had already said I would, so I will... Eventually, and when I find the translations for the songs XD.

Hope you all have had a wonderful day~ <3

Off topic but... How many of you would knowingly eat something called "pink slime"?
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( Mar. 20th, 2012 07:44 pm)

So... I had to take Princess to the vet today... She really hates it there. But, at least I can say she was the most well behaved dog there. (No, she wasn't the only one XD) She'll be 3 months old the 29th. Ahhh~ She's already sooo big!


The poor girl still gets car sick though X_X

I have all of my KAT-TUN Graphics moved over here and will be working on NEWS & Kanjani8... Any requests? I still need to redesign the Rend Lake College Art League's Website... I can't think of a good design though ^-^;

I think I translated this properly~

Request NEWS’s “Sakura Girl” for the Spring Song~


"The expression I could not care less originally meant 'it would be impossible for me to care less than I do because I do not care at all'. It was originally a British saying and came to the US in the 1950s. It is senseless to transform it into the now-common I could care less. If you could care less, that means you care at least a little. The original is quite sarcastic and the other form is clearly nonsense." -

I will never understand why people say this, I hear it all the time. Until they stop saying this I suppose I will continue saying, “Oh! So you do care~?” Or some variation of it. ^_^

How long has it been since I posted last?


My last actual post was... "1st-Mar-2012 05:42 pm" and it was just graphics?
I haven't even updated for awhile... I think it's down too?

As some of you may know, I was nearly killed by a drive by shooting (directed at my "neighbors") the day after Thanksgiving... I haven't really dealt with that too well just yet, but I'm getting better. (I would be much better if the police actually done their job and caught them, since they shot again a month or so ago...) I've had to go to the emergency room twice since November for breathing treatments (I honestly thought I was going to die with that second asthma attack...)

A bit of good news though~ I will be moving down the street (away from them) sometime... Hopefully soon. After repairs are made to the house of course. 

It's amazing how, pretty much, staying away from the fandom for a while makes you feel better. To be honest, I was becoming rather bored with it all. This could have been brought on by a bit of depression, nearly dying twice can probably do that to a person.

I've become quite fond of Kanjani8 recently. Hopefully, NEWS will release something soon~ 

In all honesty, KAT-TUN was the first and only fandom I have ever felt... Comfortable? being in. Though, I still tend to just be a lurker. XD

Ah... I have a Pinterest account~ Old high school classmates and some of my former college instructors are following me... I honestly don't ever remember using it... Nope, I've never pinned anything ^^;

What is the best way to tell someone that you went to high school with that they are a horrid human being, made your life a living hell and you never want to see their face again? Let alone go to their wedding? -_-;
Why do people think that I like them, when in reality, I can't stand them?

It's getting late, So I'll end this rather long and boring post with a few pictures I took the other day~

Kanjani8 are going to have an even busier 8th anniversary year- it was recently announced that a superhero film titled "Eito Rangers" starring the members themselves is set for release on July the 28th!

Centred around a legendary hero named "Captain Silver" played by Tachi Hiroshi, the film will be set in the future (2035 to be precise) in the midst of a battle against terrorists.

The "Eito Rangers" originally formed part of a skit corner in Kanjani8's concerts, dreamt up by member Yokoyama You- the rangers were notably absent from 2011's dome tour, but are set to make their comeback in style.

All are size: 849x314
They can be used as covers on Facebook. I will be editing this post sometime with more graphics, so if you have any requests feel free to comment or send me a pm~ ^_^

Potential subjects:

On to the graphics~ )


Purpose: for the upcoming release of their album entitled "CHAIN"


Date and Time:  22nd Feb 2012 (WED), WHOLE DAY, PEAK TIME: 8PM - MIDNIGHT JST


1. LIMIT YOUR HASHTAG. using 3 or more hashtags will be counted as SPAM.

2. TWEET on the PEAK TIME. there is more chances of it to trend if you twet more on the peak time. :D

3. UNLOCK your tweets. users who have their accounts/tweets locked/protected SHOULD UNLOCK it on the time being coz their tweets will NOT be counted and WON'T APPEAR on the TIMELINE.

4. RETWEET/RT tweets that have a hashtag (#KATTUNCHAIN) RT-ing is important coz it's counted too and if ever you reach your tweet limit, you still can help to trend the project.

5. Please only Retweet the ones with either no 'RT' beside them, or only one 'RT' next to them. If there are more 'RTs' than that beside the Tweet, the #Hashtag might get cut off. (i read this from a certain site .)


Project Starter: eienKATTUN


On February 5 I got a new puppy~
She was incredibly sick when we got her though… The people we got her from said they were only taking care of the ones they were planning on keeping. Have I ever said how much I hate ticks? Well… I HATE ticks! Those nasty suckers are worse than spiders! She was covered in them. She was ~5.5 weeks old at the time, covered in ticks with really bad worms (two different types…) She seems to be feeling much better now though~ ^_^


So now these are my lovely pets ^_^

^ Princess ^

^ Shade ^

^ Tsuki ^

I have been 23 for ~35 minutes now~ I feel old ^_^;
I was already playing with my birthday presents.

^ This was the t-shirt before ^
^ I made it into a bag to hold my camera ^

I know the sewing sucks, but I don’t think it’s too bad for someone who has never sewed anything before.

I updated the photography here:

I forgot to click publish yesterday >.>

Day 1 - The song that made you a Hyphen
Day 2 - Your ultimate favorite KAT-TUN song

Day 3 - A Nostalgic KAT-TUN song

Day 4 - The song that takes away your sadness
Day 5 - The song that gives you encouragement
Day 6 - Fave Kazuya Kamenashi solo
Day 7 - Fave Taguchi Junnosuke solo
Day 8 - Fave Tanaka Koki solo
Day 9 - Fave Ueda Tatsuya solo
Day 10 - Fave Nakamaru Yuichi solo

Rescue, simply because it reminds me of the day I first listened to them. (That day kind of sucked until I heard it ^^; )

Day 1 - The song that made you a Hyphen
Day 2
- Your ultimate favorite KAT-TUN song
Day 3
- A Nostalgic KAT-TUN song

Day 4 - The song that takes away your sadness

Day 5 - The song that gives you encouragement
Day 6 - Fave Kazuya Kamenashi solo
Day 7 - Fave Taguchi Junnosuke solo
Day 8 - Fave Tanaka Koki solo
Day 9 - Fave Ueda Tatsuya solo
Day 10 - Fave Nakamaru Yuichi solo

Yorokobi no Uta, for some reason I didn’t like this song when I first heard it…


Day 1 - The song that made you a Hyphen

Day 2 - Your ultimate favorite KAT-TUN song

Day 3 - A Nostalgic KAT-TUN song
Day 4 - The song that takes away your sadness
Day 5 - The song that gives you encouragement
Day 6 - Fave Kazuya Kamenashi solo
Day 7 - Fave Taguchi Junnosuke solo
Day 8 - Fave Tanaka Koki solo
Day 9 - Fave Ueda Tatsuya solo
Day 10 - Fave Nakamaru Yuichi solo

This is a tough one… I have so many favorites… But since I have to pick just one: Bokura no Machi de


[SC 18.03.07] Kame Bokura no machi de by Nomanymore



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