Alright... Let's see...

I'm a new admin on NEWS USA fan base 
-The Facebook Page:

Oh! And I will be using some of the translations by Spilledmilk25 to do some NEWS scanslations~
Here's the first one:

WinkUp 4.2012 - Koyama's special interview
Credit: spilledmilk25
(Not sure if too many people are interested in this type of thing.)

I am currently working on "Popolo 05.2012 - NEWS Tabloid" 

Off topic... I really love Subaru's voice in "Water Drop" (Not that I don't love his voice everywhere else...)

Now on to some boring stuff~

My mom walked into the living room earlier today and said, "Your moving tomorrow." 
Yea... I wasn't supposed to be moving for at least 2 weeks... Nothing like trying to move everything in one ~ two days XD

My internet *should* be switched off tomorrow night after midnight and if everything works out alright I will have it turned on at the new place. However, they will be cutting my connection in half because they "are phasing out DSL"... and I probably won't have U-Verse here until summer...  I will still have my cellphone, so if you send me a message on twitter, I should get it ^_^

I think that's it for now~ Have a wonderful day guys~~~ ^_^

I leave you with Polly eating sunflower seeds with the other birds failing at singing along with Kanjani8's "Musekinin Hero"  XD

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( Mar. 23rd, 2012 06:09 pm)
Most, if not all, of the icons are from disc one of the Eight X Eighter DVD. This was actually the first time I've watched one of their concerts. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. ^_^

Icons [~53]

~53 Icons )

Wallpapers [~11]

11 Wallpapers )

All graphics will also be posted here @ JPop News & Graphics

How long has it been since I posted last?


My last actual post was... "1st-Mar-2012 05:42 pm" and it was just graphics?
I haven't even updated for awhile... I think it's down too?

As some of you may know, I was nearly killed by a drive by shooting (directed at my "neighbors") the day after Thanksgiving... I haven't really dealt with that too well just yet, but I'm getting better. (I would be much better if the police actually done their job and caught them, since they shot again a month or so ago...) I've had to go to the emergency room twice since November for breathing treatments (I honestly thought I was going to die with that second asthma attack...)

A bit of good news though~ I will be moving down the street (away from them) sometime... Hopefully soon. After repairs are made to the house of course. 

It's amazing how, pretty much, staying away from the fandom for a while makes you feel better. To be honest, I was becoming rather bored with it all. This could have been brought on by a bit of depression, nearly dying twice can probably do that to a person.

I've become quite fond of Kanjani8 recently. Hopefully, NEWS will release something soon~ 

In all honesty, KAT-TUN was the first and only fandom I have ever felt... Comfortable? being in. Though, I still tend to just be a lurker. XD

Ah... I have a Pinterest account~ Old high school classmates and some of my former college instructors are following me... I honestly don't ever remember using it... Nope, I've never pinned anything ^^;

What is the best way to tell someone that you went to high school with that they are a horrid human being, made your life a living hell and you never want to see their face again? Let alone go to their wedding? -_-;
Why do people think that I like them, when in reality, I can't stand them?

It's getting late, So I'll end this rather long and boring post with a few pictures I took the other day~

Kanjani8 are going to have an even busier 8th anniversary year- it was recently announced that a superhero film titled "Eito Rangers" starring the members themselves is set for release on July the 28th!

Centred around a legendary hero named "Captain Silver" played by Tachi Hiroshi, the film will be set in the future (2035 to be precise) in the midst of a battle against terrorists.

The "Eito Rangers" originally formed part of a skit corner in Kanjani8's concerts, dreamt up by member Yokoyama You- the rangers were notably absent from 2011's dome tour, but are set to make their comeback in style.


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