Hello everyone~ catface
You're doing rather well I hope~ ^_^
I've re-installed my jweb emoticons~ :DD

For those of you who are interested in using them yourselves:
1) Download and install greasemonkey on either firefox or chrome
2) After you have it installed, click this: http://www.rockstargirl.net/jweb/emoji-comments.user.js

Once you're done you have emoji that you can drag and drop (or click) into your entries~~ thumbsup

You never know just how much you'd miss running water until you don't have it... ._.;;
Talk about bad luck, first the furnace had to be replaced (So about $3,000), AT&T turns on the wrong phone line (Making me think we have to pay ~$200 for a new line), then the main water line breaks and has to be replaced... That'll be ~$1,000? teardrop
It'll be about another week until they can get out to replace my water line. DD:
Good thing we still have the water turned on at the other house (Just across the street). wink
I moved first, so I can watch the house. Simply because this is a high crime rate area. drip
So, I'm pretty much here by myself most of the time. It's quite peaceful really. melody2

This is my only company:
(Believe it or not the bigger dog just turned 3 months old March 29th :D)

I updated JPop News & Graphics yesterday with the weekly schedule~ catface

NEWS, Kanjani8, & KAT-TUN Schedule (4/4 – 4/10)

Today I will leave you with:
(Princess smelling flowers)

(And Princess playing fetch... I was most certainly not watching the making thing of パンぱんだ while we were playing~)
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