Alright... Let's see...

I'm a new admin on NEWS USA fan base 
-The Facebook Page:

Oh! And I will be using some of the translations by Spilledmilk25 to do some NEWS scanslations~
Here's the first one:

WinkUp 4.2012 - Koyama's special interview
Credit: spilledmilk25
(Not sure if too many people are interested in this type of thing.)

I am currently working on "Popolo 05.2012 - NEWS Tabloid" 

Off topic... I really love Subaru's voice in "Water Drop" (Not that I don't love his voice everywhere else...)

Now on to some boring stuff~

My mom walked into the living room earlier today and said, "Your moving tomorrow." 
Yea... I wasn't supposed to be moving for at least 2 weeks... Nothing like trying to move everything in one ~ two days XD

My internet *should* be switched off tomorrow night after midnight and if everything works out alright I will have it turned on at the new place. However, they will be cutting my connection in half because they "are phasing out DSL"... and I probably won't have U-Verse here until summer...  I will still have my cellphone, so if you send me a message on twitter, I should get it ^_^

I think that's it for now~ Have a wonderful day guys~~~ ^_^

I leave you with Polly eating sunflower seeds with the other birds failing at singing along with Kanjani8's "Musekinin Hero"  XD

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