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( Mar. 29th, 2012 08:57 pm)
I feel like screaming. For starters, something is wrong with my telephone line, so no home phone/no internet until at least Monday. Then the main water pipe to my house has burst. Over 4000 gallons of water since Monday. And now this morning Princess got her eyelid stuck on the part of the kennel door that keeps it shut. You know, the the metal bar that sticks straight up that you have to pull down to shut it? Now her eyelid is swollen. I'll probably finish the scanslation over the weekend, it's over half done. NEWS and Kanjani8 banners/facebook headers will probably be posted shortly after my connection is restored. Any requests? comment or pm me~ I think I managed to add everyone who added me. Typing like this on my phone sucks. XD

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